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Slingshot Around Worlds






Slingshot Around Worlds Volume Four

1. You Are My Home (Featuring Jennifer Keister) 7:58

2. Proto Molecule:  6:36

3. Slingshot Around Worlds: 8:04

4. Into the Black (Featuring Jennifer Keister)  7:32

5. Happy Planet (Featuring Jennifer Keister) 8:52

6. Escape Velocity (Featuring Jennifer Keister) 14:18

7. Exploring Dione 6:12

8. Last Night on this Space Ship  4:58

9: Singularity Wanderlust  6:28

10. Let's Meet at the Lake  9:22

All music written, produced, and recorded by Dragon Extinction at Skydragon Studios

Voice acting by Jennifer Keister

Mastered at Just Mastering by Rob Stewart

Copyright © 2019 Published ℗ 2019 by CD Baby




Dragon Extinction

Slingshot Around Worlds Volume One

                       1. You Are My Home (Featuring Jennifer Keister, Voice acting): 7:58

2. Proto Molecule: 6:36

3.Slingshot Around Worlds 8:04

All Tracks written and performed by Dragon Extinction

Ak Robert Carpenter

© 2019 Published ℗ CD Baby 

Words from You Are My Home (from a future story being written by Mia)

 Voice Acting:  Jennifer Keister

 Recored in Skydragon Studios

A conversation between two very best friends Andromeda and Vega

Andromeda is out in Aurora City getting ready for her new assignment. She gets word that her best friend, Vega, whom she hasn’t seen in several years is coming to meet her finally to begin the new case with her.


“Oh my stars! Vega, my friend! We have been apart for far too long. Too many worlds and dimensions between us!”


“Andromeda! I agree, and we can’t let that happen again! I have felt you and dreamed of you as if you were with me all that time.”


How did we let our universe pull us apart like that. I know of what happened to you. I thought I would never see you again. That I couldn’t follow where I thought you were going.”


Oh, my friend, I was sent to find out a dark thing, something that could be the end of our home! We were so close to finding it but it found us and then....”


“Vega, you are my home! I will let nothing take that away from us. But come we will find this thing you were searching for. You and I will no longer be apart, what ever comes to us we will be with each other to face it.”

Vega: “Thanks you Andromeda that makes me feel a little better.” Andromeda:

I do need to hear all about what you were looking into and where you traveled to, but time for us to go.”


“Yes, time for our travels to begin, though I want to do this, I have to do this, the core of me still fears the road ahead.”


“I understand where you are Vega, though I think this will be a good thing as I know we will find answers and we will be ok. I am with you mind, heart, and all my energy!”

“Time to journey out beyond the Stars!”







Dragon Extinction

Slingshot Around Worlds Volume Two

Into the Black (featuring Jeniffer Keister) 7:32

  1. Happy Planet (featuring Jeniffer Keister) 8:52
  2. Escape Velocity (featuring Jeniffer Keister) 14:18

All music and words written by Dragon Extinction (AK Robert Carpenter)

Music performed by Dragon Extinction

Recorded at SkyDragon Studios

Mastered by Rob Stewart at

All voice acting by Jeniffer Keister

Copyright © 2019 Published ℗ 2019 by CD Baby






Slingshot Around Worlds Volume Three


  1. Exploring Dione                           6:12        
  2. Last Night on this Space Ship:      4:58
  3.   Singularity Wanderlust                   6:28            

 All music written, sequenced, recorded by Dragon Extinction

At Sky Dragon Studios

Produced  by Dragon Extinction

Mastered at Just Mastering by Rob Stewart

 Copyright © 2019 Published ℗ 2019 by CD Baby 



The Moon Dione, one of Saturn's Moons