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Future Things



Dragon Extinction doesn't do live performances so this place will be where I announce new things for the future


A freshly redone music video for Slingshot Around Worlds is out! it is on You Tube and Vimeo! it can be watched on the video tab. i replaced the original one with just the static picture.

Near Future:

I am also redoing the Your Are My Home video. I am improving it, after learning a bit more about Final Cut Pro X. It should be released next week. As with the original Slingshot Around Worlds video I will replace the current version. 


I am now beginning to put together my instruments for the first piece on Slingshot Around Worlds Volume Two. It is called Into the Black.

Over the next several months: There will be 3 additional volumes, Volumes 1-3 will be all new music. Volume 4 will have one new tune and include all the music from the first 3 volumes.