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Dimensional Saga

A Saga Through Music


This will be the Saga of Andromeda, Vega, and Mia as told through Dragon Extinction's music.

A conversation between two very best friends Andromeda and Vega for the musical piece called You Are My Home

Andromeda is out in Aurora City getting ready for her new assignment. She gets word that her best friend, Vega, whom she hasn’t seen in several years is coming to meet her finally to begin the new case with her.


“Oh my stars! Vega, my friend! We have been apart for far too long. Too many worlds and dimensions between us!”


“Andromeda! I agree, and we can’t let that happen again! I have felt you and dreamed of you as if you were with me all that time.”


How did we let our universe pull us apart like that. I know of what happened to you. I thought I would never see you again. That I couldn’t follow where I thought you were going.”


Oh, my friend, I was sent to find out a dark thing, something that could

be the end of our home! We were so close to finding it but it found us and then....”


“Vega, you are my home! I will let nothing take that away from us. But come we will find this thing you were searching for. You and I will no longer be apart, what ever comes to us we will be with each other to face it.”

Vega: “Thanks you Andromeda that makes me feel a little better.” Andromeda:

I do need to hear all about what you were looking into and where you traveled to, but time for us to go.”


“Yes, time for our travels to begin, though I want to do this, I have to do this, the core of me still fears the road ahead.”


“I understand where you are Vega, though I think this will be a good thing as I know we will find answers and we will be ok. I am with you mind, heart, and all my energy!”

“Time to journey out beyond the Stars!”

This is the beginning of a long journey. Below is from Mia's journal when she was 8 years old. A more complete picture of her life is told in both the short story I'm Flying a UFO!, and Lost Sky. Below that is the next stage in Andromeda, Vega, and Mia's saga.


Mia’s Journal

 April 12th 2016 

 Yesterday was my eight birthday. This morning I woke up from the most strange but real dream I have ever had. I remember it all as if I had really been there.

 I found myself sitting behind two young  women, I think in their early twenties. 

We were on a space ship orbiting Earth. The one on the right, who was the pilot, turned around and looked at me and  asked if I was ready. She was going to spin up the rockets so that the ship would break Earth’s orbit. I could feel intense pressure on my body. I remember looking at my hands and thinking these are older hands. In seconds I could see the Earth was getting smaller and smaller. 

I think I actually fell asleep in my dream. When I opened my eyes, I was all by myself in a forest meadow. There was buzzing of things flitting through the air all around me. When I could focus more clearly I was amazed. All around me were Pixies and Faeries flitting about. Small dragons and unicorns were running in circles around me. Then it all became misty and I could just make out what looked like some kind of alien space ship at the edge of the meadow. It was small; I think the size one person could get in side. I woke up right after that. 

Such a strange dream to have. I felt as if I knew the two women. I felt like this meadow was a very special place for me. I wonder what it all means.

 Mia’s Journal 

July16th 4035


Yesterday, Andromeda and Vega, whom I met a few years ago, back when I was still new to this “Lost Sky” dimension I now live in, have contacted me. They told me they just arrived and need to talk to me urgently. I was very happy to hear from the two, and suggested that we meet in the same place we met before but at the lake here. 

 Both Andromeda and Vega now are sitting here with me as we gaze upon this wondrous lake that still helps me find peace within myself.

I am recording what was said for future reference what was discussed.

Andromeda:  “Mia, it is so wonderful to see you again. Vega and I missed this world. You seem to have done well here.”  

 Vega:  “So Mia, I am sure you are wondering why we are here.”

 Mia: “Yes, Vega, I am very curious.”

 Andromeda: “Vega and myself are on a journey in our universe to discover something that may threaten our very existence. I know this may sound dire, but  we have to look into it and find every lead and search for those who mean us harm.” 

Mia:  That sounds scary you two, but why are you here telling me about this?”

 Vega: “I will tell you this first, I was already looking into this and the partners I was working with stumbled on to some information that led us into a trap. I nearly died and both of my partners were killed.”  “I can see, Mia, that this has you very concerned and this is why we are here. We don’t think we can do this, just the two of us. We are seeking your aid.” 

 Andromeda: “We never forgot what you had told us during out last visit. We both think your ability to move through dimensions. or other universes through dreams and sometimes showing you future things, will be a just what we need.”

 Mia:  “I am not quite sure what to say you two. I am experiencing some intense dread here, but I would never abandon friends when they need me. I know what that feels like. Umm, do you think if this threat isn’t stopped it might find its way here?

Andromeda: “That is a possibility, Mia, Vega does have some data that the persons we are investigating have found out how to travel across dimensions also. If they succeed they might try and come here too. That, is just my thought, it might never happen.”

 Mia:  Ok girls, I understand how dangerous this will be, even though I can help with my gifts, I know nothing bout fighting if it comes to that. 

Vega: Mia, we will train you as much as we can but we hope having you fight along side us will not what will happen. 

Mia: I sat there for a while in a kind of stunned silence trying to think. I find it hard to leave my home here. I know what I need to do but it I am scared I am not really up to it. 


 Mia:  “You know, what we wish for and what occurs are two different things. Please give me some time to say good bye to my friends here and we can go”



















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