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My newest album, Dragon Extinction’s birth was going to be the second Dragon’s on the Outer Rim album. Why the change? Let me

So what is a regular person like me, not a scientist or climate scientist, but just a regular person, doing talking about this subject? And no..

So what is a regular person like me, not a scientist or climate scientist, but just a regular person, doing talking about this subject? And no, this is not some kind of delusional prophecy that I believe some “god” or entity, gave me a vision of our doom to proclaim to the world. I know, those who claim that Global Warming is nothing but a hoax, think we are nothing more then fake prophets standing on a street corner screaming about the end of the world. Some think we are dangerous and are trying to wreck our economy.

I am not going to be making any argument here to support the reality of Global Warming/Climate Change. First I am not a scientist and second their is no point arguing about this fact no more then trying to present an argument that atoms exist or gravity isn’t some liberal hoax. I am hoping to help clarify what this is all about. I have spent several years studying this issue and reading and viewing all that I can.  Also it’s not hard to see, especially now in 2017, that what is going on around the world is very troubling.

Is it Global Warming or Climate change? I have seen this question before. I understand the confusion over this. I am sure the “deniers” were happy when this came to be, to them when the scientists, liberals, and the media made up Climate Change as an excuse to cover up the idea that; how can it be Global Warming when it’s snowing outside? I do believe this was a somewhat honest way of trying to make this issue seem less confusing to some.

My answer to this question is this: what is occurring is both. Let me explain. Global Warming is a  natural engine. It has existed long before humans came along. Global Cooling is also an engine. They both need the right conditions and fuel to exist. In our case, throughout human history Global Warming has been occurring, it is what has help keep Earth from being too cold for most current “carbon based lifeforms”. All of the climate systems on Earth, from the Arctic Jet Stream, to ocean currents, including the Gulf Stream, have helped to keep the average climate stable enough to allow our species to exist and thrive. But, just like feeding a fire, too much fuel, in this case CO2 begins to cause what is commonly known as the “green house affect” Once the Earth starts heating up, and I am not just talking about the ‘air” but about the oceans as well.(After all the oceans suck in over 90% of all the warming that is occurring) This heating begins to play havoc with the Earth’s climate systems. Hence Climate Change. So both are occurring. To put it simply Global Warming is the engine that is causing the Climate to Change, from being more or less stable to becoming unstable. Also for those who do understand this to a point I have been told that, “no it is civilization that is the engine causing climate change.” I know the deniers love to say we are wrong if we think humans could affect anything as large as the Earth’s climate. In a small way they are right. Humans or our civilization did not create Global Warming, anymore then humans created fire. Civilization by it’s self is a kind of heat engine but that is not what is causing the issue we are having now. It is providing most of the fuel that has turned Global Warming into something much more dangerous. This is the big difference between what has occurred in the past that has caused large scale extinction events. What we are doing is actually called “anthropogenic forced global heating”. I know”anthropogenic” is a big word, what does it mean? Simply put “human caused”. A good way to look at this is a simple fireplace in someone’s home. When a fire is started it is usually a way to help make the room where the fireplace is, warm for everyone there. But what if someone wanted to help save on their normal heating bill and use that fire to heat the whole house. They would have to build or buy a heat pump and install it. This would “force” the heat from the fire throughout the house. This is a very simple illustration of what “human caused forced global heating is. We use our systems and technology to push that heat over most if not the whole Earth. Even if it wasn’t “on purpose” We just didn’t realize what we were doing. Some did and tried to get that message out but were quickly silence.

In Earth’s distant past large scale extinction events have occurred the worst being the “great dying” some 450 million years ago. It was the Permian Extinction. That, along with four other extinction events, including the dinosaurs, took thousands of years to get to the point where the extinction events occurred. But we have forced the same, if not higher, level of heating in barely over 100 years time and most of it in the last 30-40 years!

So what are we now facing. I know no one in the main media will ever talk about it and most climate scientist aren’t allowed to talk about it. But the current status of Global Warming/Climate Change is that humans have pushed it well past the so called “tipping point  Things are so bad that the Earth is contributing it’s own fuel, some of it in the form of CO2, water vapor, and the most dangerous of all: methane. Some on this side of the so called debate argue that we must do something now or soon to save the world for our children and their children. The issue is we are now facing not only our own extinction but that of most if not all life on Earth within most of our lifetimes.

My whole point here as I have stated is not to put up complex scientific arguments but to help clarify, or try and make it more understandable for the average person. What does this mean for you or I? I know the idea of  the extinction of our species is not something many want to think about and probably horrifies many. But we will face our own death at any point in time. It could be a car accident or a sudden illness, or any of the infinite ways our lives could end. At least for myself it doesn’t matter so much that all or most of us will die at once or I die alone. Between now and then what will I do? I for one am not giving in to panic or grief. At this time I am thinking about what good I can bring to the world around, or do something that inspires myself and others. This is  is how I wish to live. Everyone will make their own choice.  For me, it’s creating music