• Lost Sky


    Lost Sky is an ambient, panoramic excursion in to a story called Lost Sky written by Mia.

    All music composed, sequenced, and recorded by: Robert Carpenter
    Mixed by: Robert Carpenter
    Mastered by: Rob Stewart at Just Mastering (https://www.justmastering.com)
    Voice over/Voice acting on Just a Dream and Amelia by: Jennifer Keister
    Album Art created by: Robert Carpenter with some help from Mia

    The album Lost Sky is based on a story named Lost Sky: Written by Robert Carpenter

    Copyright ©2018 - Published ℗2018 by CD Baby ASCAP 2018

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    • Just a Dream
    • Another Atmosphere a New Home

    Rift Dreams

    Life Beyond Blood


    Dragon Extinction: Life Beyond Blood

    This album was going to be Stories Beyond the Rim volume 2 but due to learning that humans and most life are probably doomed within my lifetime I felt the need for a change. This is a concept electronic music album based around the “end of the world’ and another concept that has to do with quantum physics and the after life.

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    • Time Garden
    • Primal World

    Dragons Streak into the Verse


    Dragons on the Outer Rim: Stories Beyond the Rim

    Dragons on the Outer Rim is an “Electronic Music” journey into the future, about 233 years from now. It takes us on a journey via “Stories from the Rim” through the mind of a young lady name Sylvia, who was born and lived her whole life in a domed city that was built with the goal to save humans from becoming extinct when the consequences of human caused global warming caught up with us. The city named New Imagine was built with space travel in mind. From that long range “dragon” class space ships were built, These few ships were tasked with seeking a world that humans could thrive on. The music was inspired by Sylvia’s stories she loved to tell her friends about how her quest had sent her a journey through time and space into her dreams
    of their life on other worlds.

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    • Dragons Streak into the Verse
  • Terran Spiral

    Terran Spiral


    Terran Spiral Time to Slide

    Time to slide is a progressive electronic album created back between 2000 and 2001. it was first released in August of 2001. Only one month before the 911 attack. It was inspired by both my favorite TV show at the time “Sliders” but also by discoveries I was making about our universe and life it’s self. Recently I had this album re-mastered to breath new life into it and the result you can purchase this album now in digital form on iTunes and CD Baby The iTunes version is of the highest quality version “Mastered for iTunes” Enjoy viewing the animated album cover for Time to Slide.

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    • Lara’s Mystery